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Lisa Loving Barbados!

Lisa Loving Barbados!

  • Monday 15 May 2017

"I’m just back from a trip to Barbados with the Barbados Tourism Board and it was a great experience. I have to say- Barbados is amazing! I hadn’t been to the Caribbean before and wasn’t sure what to expect other than the postcard image I think everyone has in their mind. But I was delighted with the amount of things to do, the dining and nightlife and also the great choice of accommodation to suit everyone!

We did lots of activities there and it’s very hard to pick a favourite out of everything but I’d have to say one of the highlights of my trip was when we went on a catamaran. This experience was fabulous. We had dinner and drinks on board, swam to shipwrecks and with turtles. It was a really lovely way to spend the day. It’s quite popular to swim with turtles over there and it is a lovely experience which I would recommend.

We went on a submarine to see shipwrecks and colourful fish, which I think is a great choice of activity for families. We also did a 4x4 Island Safari with a guide who brings you around the island. From this we got an overall view of how different and diverse the landscape is. On our visit to the iconic Harrisson’s Cave, we were brought around on a little buggy. This was also amazing and well worth a visit. Formed by erosion in the limestone rock, these gorgeous caves display unusual stalactite and stalagmite formations

One thing that I didn’t know- and which others mightn’t know either- is that you can go and see a Concorde aircraft at the Concorde Experience. You are actually seeing the last aircraft that flew to Barbados. It was amazing. You hear her story, learn about how she was made and you get an idea of the comfort and experience of flying Concorde when you climb aboard.

There are a couple of evening activities I would recommend. One is Harbour Lights- a Caribbean evening where you hear local music and are entertained by men on stilts, women in local dress, great steel drums and a fire eater! Buffet food and drinks are included in the package and while it seems quite touristy, it was very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend "Oistins Fish Fry". This takes place every Friday and Saturday night and is a great way to taste the local fish like tuna, swordfish and mahi-mahi (though they also serve chicken and lobster), be entertained and mix with the locals!

If you would like to discover the different towns, villages and bays on the island by yourself it is a good idea to rent a car- something Shandon Travel can easily organise for you. It is easy to drive over there, as they drive on the same of the road as us and while there is only one main road around the island- it didn’t seem very busy! 

I would recommend Barbados for couples, singles, groups and families. I really felt it was a place where you could meet and mix with the locals, enjoy the great food and hospitality as well as taking the time to relax in your hotel by the pool or beach– so the best of both worlds!"

-Lisa, Shandon Travel

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