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River Cruises

Why Choose A River Cruise?

  • Relaxed, convenient travel along picturesque waterways.
  • Unpack once and explore multiple destinations without the hassle of airports or long drives.
  • Experience intimate and personalised service on smaller riverboats.
  • Dock in the heart of towns and cities for easy exploration.
  • Enjoy comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine, and onboard entertainment.
  • Excursions led by knowledgeable guides

For more information on River Cruises, speak with our experts: call us on 0818 300 205 or 021 493 5806 or email cruise@shandontravel.ie.

River Cruises

Here's a selection of our favourite river cruises in Europe. For other destinations, ships or travel dates, please contact us on 021 493 5806 or 0818 300 205 or email cruise@shandontravel.ie

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Why choose a river cruise? Embark on a journey with Michael, as he recounts his three captivating river cruise experiences in our blog.

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What is River Cruising?

River cruising offers a unique blend of relaxation, luxury, and exploration, making it an enticing choice for travellers seeking a hassle-free yet immersive experience. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises typically accommodate fewer passengers, fostering a more intimate atmosphere and allowing for personalized service.

One of the greatest advantages is the ability to dock directly in the heart of charming cities, towns, and villages, granting easy access to cultural landmarks, historical sites, and local cuisine. With scenic landscapes passing by, and onboard amenities ranging from gourmet dining to enriching lectures, river cruises provide an unparalleled way to unwind while discovering the treasures of the world.

For more information, get in touch with our experts: Call 021 427 7094 or 0818 300205, or email cruise@shandontravel.ie

Call our Cruise Centre hotline for expert advice or to book your dream holiday.

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