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Top Travel Trends For 2019

Top Travel Trends For 2019

  • Sunday 30 December 2018

We asked Liv, from our partners Intrepid Travel, to share her insider knowledge about how we'll be holidaying in 2019:

"With the new year finally here, what better time to look ahead at what’s going to be hot on the travel scene in 2019. Whether you love the idea of a digital detox or are raring to go on an active adventure, there’s an experience out there for everyone.

So, without further ado, here are our five favourite travel trends to keep an eye out for over the next 12 months:

1. Healthy Breaks

Now that sitting has been labelled the new smoking, people have started looking for new ways to get active and this attitude has extended into the holidays we’re choosing to take. This doesn’t have to mean spending two weeks conquering the trek to Everest Base Camp, it’s more about finding that perfect balance between active pursuits and seeing the sights.

That could translate as kayaking with river dolphins in Cambodia, white water rafting in the Amazon or cycling around the moonscapes of Iceland.

Although, if all that sounds a little full on, there’ll be an abundance of emphasis on wellness holidays too. Yoga retreats are cropping up all over Asia, particularly in spots like India, where you can look forward to spending your days studying Ayurveda, meditating and cooking wholesome vegetarian dishes.

2. Digital Detoxing

With the endless flow of social media notifications, WhatsApp messages and emails constantly disrupting our daily lives, it’s not surprising that some of us are looking for an out. Thankfully there are a bunch of off-the-grid destinations out there that will help you to really unplug from the everyday, reconnect with the world and recharge your batteries.

Whether you fancy the remote wilderness of the Okavango Delta, where you’ll be too busy spotting elephant to even entertain being online. Or, travelling to tropical Cuba, with its lush rolling hills, white sand beaches and distinct lack of reliable Wi-Fi – switching off on holiday might be easier than you think.

3. Off-peak Travel

From being cheaper and easier to book tours, hotels and restaurants to lower numbers of tourists, we can think of plenty of perks when it comes to exploring during the cooler months. More and more travellers are slowly becoming wise to this and are taking advantage of discovering their chosen destination in the off-season. Allowing them to enjoy a totally different side to a place they might have only previously considered for a summer escape.

For instance, Turkey. This typically sizzling sunny spot is completely dazzling in winter. When you can look forward to spectacles like the Blue Mosque topped with snow and the lunar landscapes of Cappadocia transformed into a winter wonderland. The same can be said for Canada, where frozen lakes and waterfalls create enchanting surroundings straight out of a storybook.

4. Foodie Holidays

Given the rise in popularity of celebrity chefs and top notch cooking shows, many travellers are now going to distance to find authentic food experiences. While countries like Mexico, Italy and Vietnam have always captured the hearts of foodies, there are some emerging destinations guaranteed to whet your appetites – think Taiwan, Armenia, Peru and beyond.

Following the success of the 2018 World Cup, Russia has begun to intrigue. From vodka tasting tours in Moscow to learning how to make borscht with a local family, there’s lots to tickle those taste buds. In addition, as more and more people are turning to veganism, we’ve also seen the introduction of trips catering to travellers with such dietary requirements. Whether it be sipping soy milk chai in India or sampling vegan street food in Bangkok, there’s no need to feel limited.

5. Central Asian Adventures

Think of Asia and destinations like India, China and Cambodia spring to mind. But, there’s a whole host of lesser-explored countries sitting in Central Asia that are waiting to be discovered. Uzbekistan’s recent decision to simplify their visa application process has led to a spike in travellers wanting to see the country’s turquoise architecture, learn its Silk Road history and visit its futuristic cities.

Neighbouring Turkmenistan is also gathering interest, offering up historical ruins a plenty and one-of-a-kind cultural experiences too. Whether you’re stopping off at the “Gates of Hell” (or Darvaza Crater), a 70-metre wide flaming pit in the heart of the Karakum Desert, or feasting on a Turkmenistan-style barbecue under the stars, this is a place not easily forgotten."

Feeling inspired and want to book your 2019 adventure? We have over 1,000 small group tours travelling in 120 countries for you to choose between. Get in touch via 021 4277094 or 01 6965135, email info@shandontravel.ie or call into our shops in Clonakilty, Bantry and the Grand Parade.

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