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Review: Antarctica, Arctic & Next Stop... Galapagos Islands

Review: Antarctica, Arctic & Next Stop... Galapagos Islands

  • Wednesday 26 September 2018

Shandon Travel's Louise recently received this glowing review from two of her clients and really, it was just too good not to share:

"Once upon a time, back in early April 2015, two hopeful travellers called Marion and Tracy set foot in Cork city on a quest, a special mission. They sought the holy grail of travel agents, a travel agent who could demonstrate joy and enthusiasm about an idea they had for a trip of a life time.

As two intending travellers we were not really optimistic as we had faced lack of knowledge or enthusiasm when we had attempted a similar quest a few weeks before. Armed with a full day ahead and ample coffee we planned to visit every travel agent in Cork until we found the one true agent we could entrust our dream to.

We entered Shandon Travel/ SAYIT expecting it to be merely stop one on a full days itinerary. But we met Louise and within moments looked at each other and thought- could it be that simple have we found the special one so quickly.

Indeed it was!

Louise was informed, she was enthused, and she encouraged our childlike excitement and seemed to feed off it and nourished our animation and wonderment. We were silly, always are, and jokey, Louise was the same but while maintaining eye contact and banter she was beavering away at the computer and answering questions before we had even started to ask them or know we should ask.

We decided within minutes to entrust our trip of a lifetime to Antarctica to the safe hands of Louise. It was such a delight to discover a travel agent that embodies joy of travel.


Louise negotiated the rocky terrain of our medical issues, ethical travel airlines, medicine transportation and dietary requirements with aplomb. She communicated on our behalf with airlines over many details. We had every faith in Louise, at no point did she falter or let us down. She was obviously in her natural element. Every interaction with Louise was a pleasure to have. She went above and beyond what is usually accepted as the norm. 

Nothing was ever portrayed as too much bother rather it seemed she relished the queries and discovering answers. It was abundantly clear at all times that this clear and open communication style was not just saved for customers but existed amongst staff within the offices of SAYIT as well. We were so sorry we couldn’t bring Louise to meet the penguins too. She had become such a part of our life so frequent and natural was communication between us.  

Post trip, we called into Louise at her invitation and regaled her with sorties of penguins, Louise’s delight in our wondrous experience was apparent. Even post trip we never felt like just a booking reference number.


A year and a half later the polar bears called and we had to go to see them.  We didn’t even need to discuss it, the moment the notion was formed our next thought was “right lets email Louise”. Again she was enthused. She started researching trips before we had free time to go in and see her. She remembered personal details without being reminded, eg which airline we wouldn’t use due to animal cruelty. 

The trip was again wonderful as was all of Louise’s interactions to us and on our behalf.

A glance across a beach several months ago led to us thinking of the Galapagos Islands next year and once again our first thought was “lets email Louise”. Both of us are seasoned travellers, have done our time with tents and backpacks in many corners of the world and neither of us have ever come across the likes of Louise, she is some woman for one woman.

We would both like to bestow on  Louise the title of special travel agent extraordinaire, a lovely rosette if you will for best in show! On a scale that only has 5 stars, Louise rates 10plus.

Mention in dispatches for Shandon Travel/SAYIT too of course, well done for employing Louise! And thank you for also seeing us as the individuals we like to think we are and valuing us as customers.

Marion and Tracy

Antarctica, Arctic and next stop Galapagos Islands ..."

If you would like to chat to Louise or one of our other fantastic agents about planning your dream holiday, get in touch via 021 4277094 or 01 6965135, email info@shandontravel.ie or call into our shops in Clonakilty, Bantry and the Grand Parade.

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