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A Marvellous Morocco Mini Break

A Marvellous Morocco Mini Break

  • Monday 14 January 2019

"I’ve just returned from a five-day trip in Agadir, Morocco- which was nothing short of spectacular!

Before taking off, we enjoyed some prosecco in Dublin Airport’s lounge. We flew with Air Arabia, an exceptionally pleasant airline. We arrived before schedule both on the way there and back. Who would have thought you could hop on a plane in Dublin and be in a North African nation in just three and a half hours?

The defining word of the flight was ‘quiet’. Everyone was well rested and pleased upon arriving at their destination- not akin to other flights where a stag group are attempting to diminish the plane's drink supply, or a group of toddlers are trying to out-do each other in impersonating the banshee. The flight flew (pun not intended) and it felt like we arrived in no time.

Upon arriving at our elegant five-star hotel, we were greeted by a pleasant team of staff who served us delicious Moroccan tea. Also known as Maghrebi Mint tea, it's a very popular hot beverage throughout North Africa. As a tea lover I have to say it was a solid 10/10.

The hotel reception was a magnificent area, with an open roof showing off the stunning Moroccan night sky. We were brought to our rooms, and I have to say, I have never experienced a comfier bed, or such a splendid room.

The following day we arose bright and early to participate in some organised events. Our first visit was my personal favourite; a five-star surfing and yoga resort. Despite falling off my board and swallowing numerous mouthfuls of seawater, I'd do it all again.

As somebody who isn’t so much afraid of the ocean, rather what's in it, the water was crystal clear and devoid of any slimy seaweed/ ocean creepy crawlies. I felt very comfortable and safe, the only thing I felt unsafe of was the camera catching me spluttering about the place.

After surfing, we had a delicious three course lunch consisting of a fresh aubergine salad, a prawn and monkfish risotto, and a delicious chocolate mousse cake. Morocco is a gastronomic heaven for anyone who is a foodie, or likes to try new things. It is full of vibrant, innovative seafood dishes ranging from oysters to sea bass carpaccio to tajine– a delightful traditional Moroccan dish cooked in the pot of which it is named. My tastebuds were in heaven.

Understandably, everyone was full after eating, so just four of us opted to participate in the yoga course. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Our yoga guru tailored our experience- accommodating for those who were first-timers.

When I think of yoga I think of exercise, a neccessity to be flexible. However, in this case, we sat, tested out which yoga moves best suited each individual, and talked about how to look after our posture in small ways every day. I thoroughly enjoyed how helpful and informative this section of the trip was, and I still employ these methods of well-being since I’ve returned. How zen right?

The next day, we visited a little village resort which combined the two things I appreciate most in the world: animals and good food. As an animal lover I'd often be sceptical of any place which confines animals that should be out in the wild, however, this place was exceptionally humane. Animals roamed around as happy as Larry, and were clearly very attached to the wonderful staff members who looked after them.

There was a family of chow chow dogs who won the hearts of all of us on the trip, as well as some chatty parrots. We also saw a few albino animals, such as a kangaroo and a horse. I roamed around for the day with a gigantic parrot dancing on my shoulder and head- I was in my element.

Next, we went Go Karting, which was absolutely exhilarating. I may or may not have gotten a bit too competitive and may or may not have overtaken someone on a bend too quickly and crashed... but that is the beauty of Go Karting- crashing at optimum speed leaves you with a mere scratch. I’d take that any day for such a thrilling experience.

We also visited Accro Branche Souss Park and did a quick tree climbing activity. This was fun and I’d definitely recommend it as an activity for children, as well as adults. On our final day, we visited the Souk. This bustling market place was full of a kaleidoscope of colours and vibrant life, giving us a true feel for Moroccan life.

All in all, I left feeling the wondrous joy of having experienced a richly cultured, safe, colourful African nation. Agadir was a fulfilling experience and I’d hope to go back again." -Cara

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