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Adventure Travel Trends for 2020

Adventure Travel Trends for 2020

  • Tuesday 31 December 2019

We asked Leslie, from our partners Intrepid Travel, to share her insider knowledge about how we'll be holidaying in 2020:

With the new year finally here, what better time to look ahead at what’s going to be hot on the travel scene in 2020. Whether you love the idea of travelling for mental wellness or are raring to go on an active adventure, there’s an experience out there for everyone.

So, without further ado, here are our five favourite travel trends to keep an eye out for over the next 12 months.

1. Spreading Out To Combat Overtourism

Overtourism isn’t a new concept, but today, more than ever, it’s having a severe impact on the places we like to visit. We need to spread out, visit different parts of countries, and use local guides to discover lesser-known parts of a city.

It’s also about opening our eyes to other destinations, and travelling off peak. Like Slovenia? Try Moldova. Love Thailand? Try north-east Cambodia. As overtourism becomes a bigger and bigger issue, more travellers will look to adapt the way they travel – making the most of expert guides, and booking itineraries that thrive in the ‘off’-season.

2. The Greta Effect

Environmental issues aren’t just a concern for Gen Z, but for our population as a whole. In our YouGov survey, 58% of respondents said they believe a company’s sustainability is fairly or very important when making travel choices.

Teen activist Greta Thunberg has inspired people all over the world. Consumers will continue to become more savvy about making sustainable travel choices and the industry will be forced to respond.

3. Women-Only Travel

On International Women’s Day 2018 Intrepid Travel launched a new range of itineraries: Women’s Only Expeditions. The trips to Morocco, Iran and Jordan proved to be some of the most popular in the company’s 30-year history, growing from four to 36 departures in the space of a few months.

Following this, more trips were launched to Kenya, Nepal, India and Turkey. The women-only tours are led by female guides, and are designed to provide an insight into the lives of women around the world – from Becky, the first female overland truck driver in East Africa, to Syrian refugees making new lives in Istanbul.

Since 2017, Intrepid Travel has doubled the number of female tour leaders on its trips, as part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

4. Solo Travel Will Move From Trend To Trendy

Solo travel isn’t a last resort – it’s becoming a rite of passage. It’s empowering, liberating and relaxing, and allows travellers the opportunity to easily make new connections, should they wish. Intrepid Travel has seen an 11% increase in UK solo travellers booking with the company in 2019, and 72% of those bookings are by female travellers.

Did you know that a solo traveller can join any tour? You'll meet others travelling on their own as well as friend-groups, and with a single supplement option you won't have to share your room. If you'd like to embark on a trip with other unaccompanied travellers only, then our solo-only trips are for you.

Intrepid has expanded its range of solo-only trips. We started with just three departures in 2017, and now we have 12 solo trips spread across six destinations; Morocco, India, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

5. The New Wave Of Iconic Treks

Whether summiting Kilimanjaro or Kinabalu, reaching Everest Base Camp or taking the Inca Trail to majestic Machu Picchu, iconic treks have long represented some of Intrepid’s most popular itineraries.

Nothing beats the sense of achievement in reaching the top of a mountain or the end of a challenging trail. And with more travellers than ever conquering these mighty paths, we feel the time is right for Intrepid to reveal the next wave of iconic treks. For 2020 we will be launching our next range of iconic treks. From Europe to Africa, South Asia to The Caucasus – they may not be household names just yet, but these new trekking itineraries promise incredible adventures.

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