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Fly from Dublin to Vietnam and embark on a two-week volunteering programme.

When you visit Vietnam, you're guaranteed to have an adventure. Vietnam is a wild country, and it's easy to step out of your comfort zone. If you go a few blocks away from the backpackers' streets in Hanoi, you will soon realize that nobody speaks English. The traffic is unlike any place else, the cities are bursting with life, and once you let go and ease into the rhythm, you'll find that Vietnam offers an experience unlike any other.

Taking a motorbike trip is easy

Many backpackers visit Vietnam hoping to motorbike along the countryside for a good reason. Vietnam offers stunning views of mountains, fields and beaches. You can rent a motorbike, or if you are planning a long-term trip, buy one and sell it at the end. There are plenty of mechanics nearby for an unexpected breakdown, and if you aren't sure where to go, you can find plenty of well-worn paths through the country. There's nothing like exploring a country with the wind rushing through your hair as you pass through towns you would never see otherwise.

It’s a paradise for coffee lovers

It's not just delicious coffee, it's the variety of specialities and the uniqueness of recipes. You can stick to classic black coffee, but you can also find coffee with coconut milk, yoghurt, or even egg yolk for a rich, creamy finish. Each café will offer a different, and you'll probably have a new favourite drink by the time you leave.

There are lots of festivals

Vietnam has festivals scheduled for the entire year you could plan your trip based on them. You might learn how families celebrate their love for each other at the Tet festival when people stay over each other's homes and make Chung cake over a bonfire. You might run into the famous buffalo fighting festival, where the winning buffalo is killed and presented to a god. Even public holidays create a spectacle if you happen to be in Vietnam on the second of September the streets are lit with red flags everywhere you wander.

It’s safe and hospitable

The government does a great job of providing security anywhere you travel in the country. Vietnam goes a step further than this with its welcoming locals. Locals are smiling and kind, willing to offer directions or lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. There are even characteristics attached to specific places. People from Hue are known for their elegance and charm. If you’re from Hoi Ann, you’re known to be honest. The people of Vietnam offer something for every local to learn after a visit.

Vietnam is a beautiful wild country that offers a variety of experiences for everyone who ventures into this country. It provides a rich history, beautiful landscapes, delicious coffee and most importantly, hospitable locals who make you feel like you are welcome in their country. 

Here are some features that make a volunteering holiday in Vietnam a safe, immensely enjoyable and memorable experience:


Your safety and well-being are the top priority when traveling to another country. We're drawing on our experience since the year 2000 to make this one of the safest forms of travel you can undertake:

  • Everything is pre-organized for you from when you arrive until you complete the program. Journey with complete peace of mind.
  • Safe, licensed drivers and registered vehicles are used for all your road transportation.
  • We are always with you during trips, transfers, and project activities.
  • Hygienic meals of home-like local cuisine (as included in your plan) for proper nutrition.
  • We prepare you well for your travel and volunteer experiences from before you start the program until its completion.


A volunteer program needs to be well designed and organized to ensure that even if you volunteer or visit the country for the first time, you can focus on enjoying your time there and make the maximum positive impact possible.

  • Pre-arranged accommodation throughout the program with other international volunteers.
  • 3 meals per day as per local cuisine (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for the entire duration of the program (where it applies).
  • Free Wi-Fi at the accommodation to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • The regular presence of our trained staff to help you with your volunteer project, guiding you on how to plan and execute your volunteer work.

Volunteering experience

It's very possible that when you travel with us, you're volunteering for the first time or at least volunteering in a new country. This means that you will do better if we support you fully during your volunteering activities.

  • We provide complete details of the project to which you would be contributing. You will know why the project exists, its needs, and the role you play as a volunteer to help in that project.
  • A tailor-made volunteering activity plan for you to get started as quickly as possible and know who you are teaching.
  • We support you every day in planning activities for your project for the next day.

Travel and Cultural Experience

We believe that a good volunteering program should be fun and leave you with memorable experiences. This means that your volunteer program can include trips, adventures, workshops, and cultural experiences that are delightful or hard to find.

  • Optional weekend excursions to top highlights of the country or region ensure that you are getting the best of what tourism in the area offers.

One of the most fun elements of a country's culture is learning the basics of its language, cooking food local style, seeing how local people live, and so forth. For this reason, we include workshops in your volunteer program such as:

  • Visiting local families and having a meal with them.
  • Learning the local dance or arts.
  • Trying your hands at local cuisine.
  • Learning the local language for fun and practical use during your travels or volunteering.

Care and Support

We will speak with you daily, assist in case you need medical care, or help you change plans if something unexpected comes up.

Time Activity
7:00-8:00hrs Breakfast at accommodation
8:00-13:00hrs Project volunteering work
13:30-14:30hrs Lunch*
15:00-16:00hrs Cultural workshops- as per programme schedule
16:00-17:00hrs Preparation meeting/ lesson planning for the next day
17:00-17:30hrs Tea/coffee at accommodation
19:00-20:00hrs Dinner at accommodation


*Lunch may be offered a packed lunch or lunch at the project depending on different factors such as distance from accommodation and others.

The scheduled time table shown above is meant as a guide only and may change due to the need of the project or any other circumstances.

Price shown is per person and includes:

  • Return flights from Dublin
  • 2 Week Volunteer Vietnam Programme
  • Airport pick-up
  • Travel insurance 

Please ask us about:

  • Getting a Visa for Vietnam

Good to know:

  • Travel expenses not included in programme itinerary are excluded
  • Food & beverages not included in programme itinerary are excluded
Subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.

For more information please call us on 021 427 7094 or 01 696 5135, email info@shandontravel.ie, request a call back using the red button, or submit an enquiry through the form below.

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